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Women’s Health and Ante-Natal Care

We understand the sensitivities of women’s health that is why our female doctors take care of women’s sexual and reproductive health, including breast checks and pap smear tests, birth control advice, pregnancy and post-pregnancy care and support.

Men’s Health

We understand and support all matters concerning men’s health, such as heart disease, respiratory disease, cholesterol, diet and nutrition, prostate health, and sports injuries, and how to address and manage them.

Pediatric Health

From birth to young adulthood, a variety of resources are offered by compassionate and our loving professionals who have empathy and compassion for their young patients and their parents’ concerns. Newborn tests, progress and growth reviews, and immunisations are among the services provided.


Vaccines are an important part of preventive medicine for people of all ages, helping people avoid contracting and transmitting diseases. Vaccinations are especially important to have up to date when travelling abroad, as it is a responsible way to protect your community. Seasonal vaccinations are recommended and may be free for those who qualify.

Travel Medicine

We provide up-to-date information about how to stay safe when travelling, as well as the vaccines you’ll need for specific destinations. It is important to book at least six weeks in advance of your trip (12 weeks prior is recommended).

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The Team Of Great Doctors Behind Roxburgh Park Doctors

Dr Abdul Mensur has more than two decades of experience as a medical practitioner

Dr Rahman is a general practitioner with over 25 years’ experience in different fields.

Dr Shameem Akter Jahan is an Australian-based GP specialist with 30 years’ experience


We Also Offer Specialised Services

Specialty clinics cover a wide range of services from Primary care, Urgent care, Woman’s Health, Skin Health, Industrial Health and Aged Care.
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